Welcome Back My Friends

It’s been a while since I maintained a proper website for the Starbreaker saga, but things have been a bit crazy over the last couple of years.

However, with the housing situation secured and my wife on track to complete treatment for breast cancer, it’s time to turn my attention away from the real world and back to a better world…

…a world where corrupt scumbags like the entire Republican Party are in jail for corruption and tyranny…

Sorry about that. I’m typing this at my day job in a break room with a muted TV tuned to CNN, which is reporting on the President’s latest big lie.

Actually, I’m not sorry. The whole Starbreaker saga is inspired in part by my frustration with US politics in general and my frustration with the creeping fascism of Republicans in particular. Abuses of power in government, in business, and in the church should not be tolerated. They should be zealously investigated, and those responsible exposed, tried, and punished if proven guilty.

The Adversaries in Starbreaker – those libertarian musketeers who bring politicians, clergy, and corporate fatcats alike to heel – are themselves inspired by a historical institution: the Tribune of the Plebs.

In the early years of the Roman Republic, the plebians (the working classes) protested years of abuses by the ruling patricians by leaving the city en masse. The Senate dispatched a representative to negotiate, and the resulting negotiations established a small group of representatives charged with defending the interests of the lower classes by vetoing actions by magistrates and senators they deemed harmful to the plebian class. In addition…

Of course, the Tribune of the Plebs was a tragically flawed institution. It was only truly effective in the city of Rome and its immediate vicinity because tribunes had to veto magistrates and senators in person.

However, the Adversaries are not the new Tribune of the Plebs. Instead, they’re sworn to back the tribunes' authority. In the world of Starbreaker, no decision may be made in business, in government, or in the church without the presence of a tribune who may veto the decision if they even suspect that the decision is harmful to the public good.

These tribunes are lightning rods, drawing the anger of those in power. It is the Adversaries who defend them, and if necessary avenge them.

This being the case, I have two aims for my Starbreaker saga:

  1. I want to show a world where the rights of all individuals are consistently and ferociously protected.
  2. I want to show how a world where individuals are empowered by the presence of people willing to uphold their rights by diplomacy and force of arms might band together to resist a tyrant operating on an interplanetary scale.

Moreover, I want these stories available for everybody to read and enjoy. To that end, I’ll be posting a new and annotated edition of Without Bloodshed as a serial, and continuing the story from there. Other Starbreaker stories will appear here, as well.

I hope you’ll stick around as I get this site up and running and add more good stuff to read.