Four Stars for Without Bloodshed from Jyoti Dahiya

I got an unexpected birthday present from a fan this afternoon: a four-star review for Without Bloodshed. Here’s what she said on Google+:

In the meantime, cryptic conversations and a slow leak of information build the suspense, leavened liberally with action sequences, betrayal, honour, technology indistinguishable from magic, and other page-turning stuff. Some of the stuff that will keep me up at night includes why Morgan and Naomi were running a band called Crowley’s Thoth, what the ends of Imaginos are, why congenital pseudofeline morphological disorder appeared among humans, how many of the people around are humans at all, and why on earth Imaginos is so cavalier about his daughter’s well-being himself while visiting death on those who harm a single hair on her head. Who is this Imaginos guy anyway, and who is this Sabaoth he strives against, and how come their enmity is older than the pyramids? And I already want Witness Protocol and Tesla points in real life, though suborbital flights I can probably do without.

Yeah, you get the bug too, don’t you? Read and find out for yourself.

Ms. Dahiya has a longer review on Goodreads, too. Sweet!